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Citeproc Nights

May 16, 2021 — Asher Wycoff

As I confessed in a post on the old blog, I used to write in Microsoft Word (the horror) and type up all my references myself. It's not that I hadn't tried reference management software, but I had hated it. Word's in-built reference manager is atrocious, of course, and while programs like Zotero are marked improvements, they nonetheless have the same GUI elements I dislike. It was somehow less onerous to type out citations in full multiple times than to type them out once across a dozen text fields and checkboxes (Author, Title, Journal, Volume, Issue...). And integrating Zotero into Word just made it one more toolbar widget I had to keep track of in an already bloated bit of legacy enterprise software.


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Technical adjustments

March 26, 2021 — Asher Wycoff

I recently jumped ship from the Mac following the Big Sur update, which not only introduced an assortment of disgusting UI changes, but signaled a much more fundamental shift. Apple is deadset on cutting macOS down from an OS that lets you do what you want to a sad, locked-down, tablet-with-extras stump. The efficiency gains of Apple Silicon™ are impressive, but it looks like they'll be purchased too dearly from the software side. Thanks to Apple's growing hostility to hardware repairability, I'd been flirting with a move to Linux since the twelve-inch MacBook was introduced. The OS 11 transition looked like the time to commit.


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Have you reimagined your digital pedagogy today?

December 12, 2020 — Asher Wycoff

The academy has responded to the pandemic poorly, responding to declining enrollments and budget shortfalls by increasing class sizes, cutting entire programs, and laying off contingent employees en masse. In the midst of all this, those of us lucky enough to keep our jobs are enjoined to "reimagine digital pedagogy" so as to somehow replicate the experience of face-to-face teaching in a remote setting. This is impossible, and I'd bet its impossibility is behind much self-reported "burnout."


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Pitching the dissertation

November 07, 2020 — Asher Wycoff

This post is a pass at giving an elevator pitch for my dissertation. I've had to come up with several of these over the past two years as I moved haltingly from proposal to actual writing, and none of them has been entirely satisfactory. The problem compounds over time, as the more I revise the more I find myself arguing against previous drafts of the abstract. The single sentence abstract has remained consistent: the dissertation is about eschatological discourses in the modern liberal tradition. The current 150-word abstract looks about this like this:


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